The Lower Murray Trade Training Centre work to provide Vocational Education and Training (VET) opportunities for students of Murray Bridge High School and Regional School.
Each year students can apply for Murraylands Pathways regional VET courses through their school. Students will receive information on the application process through their school VET Coordinator.  Students will receive training from a trainer/teacher qualified to deliver and assess accredited training from an endorsed Training Package under Australian Qualification Training Framework guidelines. The training may occur at a school, TAFE SA or a private Registered Training Organisation (RTO). Most courses will include a Structured Workplace Learning placement. If successful, students will receive nationally recognised qualifications in their chosen field. These qualifications can lead to further study, apprenticeships or directly to employment. Students VET results will also be included as part of the student's South Australian Certification of Education (SACE) requirements.
Students can apply for courses in regardless of which school they attend or region they live in but additional fees will apply.