How do I apply to be in a VET course?


Students from Murraylands Student Pathways member schools have priority when selecting courses. Students from schools which are not members of Murraylands Student Pathways have access to courses provided there are vacancies available.
Selecting your VET course will be done through your school’s course counselling process. Your school will assist you in selecting a course that will fit your SACE pattern. The school will collect information from you to enable your application to be completed. You will then be advised as to whether you will be required to attend an interview or complete an additional course-specific application.
Applications open in Week 1 of Term 3 and close in Week 10 of Term 3. For courses which have both eligibility and suitability requirements, interviews will be held for students at member schools during Week 2 of Term 4. If vacancies exist, interviews for students of non-member schools will be held during Week 4 of Term 4.
Successful applicants will be determined by the middle of Term 4, and students will be notified of the outcome by mail in Week 6 of Term 4. If you are unsuccessful in securing a place, your school will assist you to identify alternative options, which may include making a late application to an alternative VET course.
Member schools can enrol students on-line using the WebVET website. Non-member schools can complete an application form and email. Non-member schools will be charged an administration fee of 15% of the total course cost per applicant.
How much will it cost me?
The cost of these courses varies but includes the training costs and the cost of any associated consumables. In most cases, the training costs will be met by your school but the cost of consumables, site visits, uniforms etc will be passed onto families. Students who withdraw before completion of these programs may be charged the full cost of the course. Check with your school for more detail.
What if I change schools before or during my VET course?
If you change schools before your VET course starts, then the school you are leaving is not obliged to pay for your VET course. Unless you can negotiate for your new school to pay for your course or you can pay for it yourself, you may lose your place. The school you are leaving may then identify a student to take your place. If you change schools in the middle of the course then the school you are leaving may seek reimbursement for the cost they have incurred, either from you or your new school.
Travel Arrangements


Students in most cases, will be required to arrange their own transport to VET courses and work placements. In the Adelaide Hills a bus is available for courses running on a wednesday. Please speak to your school VET Coordinator.

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